Your Virtual Business Concierge, helping you to share your expertise beyond your one to one clients so that you can have greater impact, freedom and increase your revenue.


I know that you love working with your 1:1 clients, but you recognise that your current way of doing things are not going to enable you to grow and scale your business. 

Adding an online course, online workshop, or training portal is a perfect way to increase your status as an authority in your field, delight your community and add recurring, regular income.

My goal is, therefore, to help you get off to a rockin’ start when it comes to packaging your genius and sharing it with more of the world. 

Get ready to become a leading authority and expert in your niche​

Your journey starts here

Let's Strategise Together

This 90 minute strategy call will help you to gain clarity on how you can take your business online or create a recurring revenue stream so that you can grow and scale your business and achieve your goals exponentially.

Get Your Course, Workshop or Training Portal Online

My Done With You Service is perfect for you if you're finally ready to get your course, membership or training program online. It's time to share your knowledge and expertise with more of the world and grow your business.

Launch Your Online Course Or Membership

Are you ready to start launching an online course? Or maybe you want to launch a membership program. Whatever you wish to launch, I work with you to ensure that you have a robust launch process.

How To Get Them To Say Yes To Your Next Course Or Workshop

So you want to create a course or a workshop but you're anxious about how to fill it. Then I'll show you how to build an audience of excited followers who are ready to say YES to your course or workshop in my guide.

Design And Develop Your Online Course

So you're ready to grow your service-based business and expand your clientele beyond your 1:1s You know that building your business to have a diverse set of income streams is a wise move. But, whilst you have this great idea for a course that you are eager to share with the world and that will help you to achieve your income goals, you simply do not know where to start.

What They Say


Been thinking about creating your own online course but don’t know where in the world (wide web) to start?

Then come and watch my FREE Masterclass and let me show you how you can...

Turn Your Unique Passions & Talents Into a High-Quality Online Course That People Love!