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How many times do we prevent ourselves from moving forward simply due to procrastination?

So you’ve got this great idea for a course that you would love to launch but…

  • You might be put off by all the technology you think you have to use.
  • Maybe you just don’t enjoy using technology.
  • Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks that you need to complete in order to have a robust launch process
  • You might even be spending some much time obsessing over the content of your course

So now you’re in this rabbit hole. It’s so easy to say, ‘I don’t know how I’m going to do it, so therefore I’m not going to do anything’

But I want you to start getting more resourceful because there are people out there that need your knowledge and expertise.

Let’s debunk some of the myths that may be preventing you from packaging your genius and launching your course.

Myth #1: Why would someone purchase my course when they can Google everything?

Whilst it is true that Google is a great way of being able to source information, what you need to remember is that the way in which you package your knowledge and the delivery of your course is going to be unique to you. It is your teaching style and it is in your voice. People will want to learn from you because whilst Google can offer them a wealth of information,  what they do not want to do is trawl through searches for hours upon end until they find the solution that they need.

Myth #2: There is way too much technology to consider and it is too overwhelming

I won’t sugarcoat anything. When it comes to launching a course you do have to consider building the course, choosing what platform to use, working out how to put the technology together, making sure that you have tested the technology that it everything runs as smoothly as possible.  However, you can still launch a course with minimal tech and therefore without the overwhelm. You simply just need to map out your launch process, put all those moving parts together and work out what tech is a necessity. 

Myth #3: You have to spend thousands of pounds on ads in order to launch successfully 

Whilst there may be an initial investment that you need to make when launching your course e.g perhaps you need to purchase some necessary tech, running ads behind your course launches is a want rather than a need. You can build an empire successfully without spending an arm and a leg on ads. In fact, you can launch your course using organic methods which are free. 

Myth #4: I am not an expert so why would anyone trust me? 

My question to you is, well how do you become the expert.  We need to put our information out there in order to become the expert and not the other way around.  In fact, because you are teaching what you already know, you are already ‘the expert’. You have the skills and the expertise so do not undervalue yourself. 

Myth #5: Everything feels way too overwhelming 

You can overcome that feeling of overwhelm when you have the right systems in place. As there are a lot of moving parts it’s important that you document the process i.e create a launch tracker. I always recommend using a project management tool such as Asana or Trello. You’ll find a video here, where I reference how I use Asana, in particular, when supporting my clients with their course launches. 

The other thing to consider is getting support where you need it the most. Perhaps you need support with the techie stuff or perhaps you need support with marketing your course.  Like I said, with so many moving parts, we can not expect to be skilled in everything and do we really have the time to ‘do it all’ when all we really want to do is get our course out there for all to see. 

That’s why I created my FREE Savvy System Course Launch Workbook. So you don’t have to spend any more time procrastinating over launching your much-needed course. Get ready to share your knowledge and expertise with the world and build an additional income stream by launching your course without the overwhelm. You can find out more information here. 

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