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So, if you are reading this, then the chances are you are super busy and looking for a solution to better manage your business and home life.

Now, I could probably share with you the many benefits of hiring a business concierge that will help you to reclaim your time both within your business and also within your home life. But instead, I’m actually going to share with you some typical concerns that people have for not hiring a business concierge.

“I cant afford it”

Whilst there are many luxury business concierges out there that cater for the cash-rich and time-poor entrepreneurs, equally not all business concierge services focus primarily on the high life. There are those that will cater simply to people who value their time and want more of it. Those people who long to get through their endless to-do list but simply recognise that they can not do it alone. Nevertheless, one of the main concerns that people have for not hiring a business concierge is that they believe that it’s way out of their price bracket.  Whilst most people love the idea of hiring one they will commonly respond with “I can’t afford it”. But, my response to that is how much value do you place on your time? Imagine the convenience of being able to send one email or one phone call to cover a multitude of tasks. Now that is priceless.  If you are a busy and successful business owner who is struggling to balance your home and work life, then no doubt you have limited time; limited time to be able to do more of what you love; limited time to be able to spend quality time with your loved ones. What price would you actually pay to be able to spend more time with your family and have more ‘me time’ as well as being able to focus more on the tasks that you love to do within your business? Feel free to check out my affordable packages right here.

“I reckon I can do the tasks on my own”

A lot of people suffer from what is called ‘superhuman syndrome’. This is the belief that you can do it all. So, the reason why you wouldn’t hire a business concierge is that you believe that you can do it all. Now, for someone that used to suffer from this syndrome myself I can be honest and tell you that as much as I thought I was holding the fort and had it together, and in everybody else’s eyes too, the reality was that I was drowning in everything that I needed to do.  The turning point for me was when I realised that it was perfectly okay to ask for help. And that by doing so it didn’t make me appear weak. In fact, it made me stronger.

“It will take too long to explain what my needs are”

So let’s move onto the next reason why people would not hire a business concierge.  They simply believe that it will take them way too long to explain what their needs are and in that time they could just do the tasks themselves. Well, it is my job to get to learn about what your needs are in the same way that a personal trainer would, or a life coach, a business coach, a cleaner, a nanny…. I mean, I really could go on but hopefully, you get my point. Like with any business, it’s about forging positive relationships with those that we serve and it’s about building trust, which I understand can take time.  Nevertheless, it is my job to understand what your preferences are and ultimately be able to pre-empt what your needs are.  Put it this way, the time that you spend explaining what your needs are is far outweighed by the time that you save being able to get on with the activities that you want to do such as serving your clients.

“The tasks won’t get done the way I like it done”

Another typical concern is that people believe that a business concierge wouldn’t get ‘stuff’ done the way that they get it done. As I mentioned previously, I know that my business is built on trust but let’s use the scenario of a personal trainer. You would hire a personal trainer to help get you into shape and will trust that they will get the job done, even though their methods may be different to what you would choose to use. Well, a business concierge can also show you a different way of getting things done that will, ultimately, still give you the same intended results. It’s all dependent on how much you want that end result.

“Well I wouldn’t know what type of help to ask for”

Now, my questions to you are:

What task or tasks leave you feeling overwhelmed and fill you with dread having to complete them? What tasks do you keep putting on the back burner because you don’t want to have to face them?

Now, what I have generally found is that it’s not that people don’t want to address the issues they may be experiencing within their businesses; it’s a matter of not knowing where to start. Sometimes all it takes is a business concierge to come in and get things moving.

So there you have it. Some typical reasons for why people would not hire a business concierge. I could now share with you the many benefits of hiring one but as I said earlier I’m sure that you are a very busy person. It’s just up to you to decide how busy you want to be.

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