Buisness overwhelm

Drowning in a sea of responsibilities

I was too busy planning to live that I failed to actually live. That was my story.

Now as a mother with a successful career I was wearing many hats. I always felt like my to-do list was a mile long and I was burning the candles at both ends.

I was drowning in a sea of responsibilities and I needed help. I would think to myself that surely I wasn’t the only one that was experiencing this and that there must be a better life for me out there. And there was.

Computer maintenance

Computer Love

When your computer is running slowly, do you ever wonder what is causing this to happen?

The second month of February marks “clean out your computer day”. It is a day where we schedule time out of our day to take some well-needed care of our computers.

Now it’s inevitable that over time our computers will get clogged with unused files and programs that slow down our computers. This is why it’s so important to clean our computers.