automating your business

How to win with automations

Ok, so you’ve got your systems and processes in place.

You’re ready to start freeing up your time.

Now you need to think about what tasks within your processes you can actually put on automation.

Automating areas of your business is actually the smart thing to do if you are ready to grow your business and achieve your goals expeditiously. Think about all the time you spend on tasks that you are manually completing when out there, there is a tool that can execute those tasks within minutes.

small business owner

Your well deserved holiday

What do you get for all the hard work you put in your business?


Well, let’s hope that isn’t the case.

Seriously, when was the last time that you treated yourself by taking time off from your business?

Remember, you earn your holiday time, and you should use it to reward yourself.

After all, a lack of playtime actually keeps you from taking in information effectively and seeing the totality of a situation.

systems and processes

Making systems work for you

In my blog ‘ She’s Got Systems’, I explained exactly what systems are and the benefits of implementing them.

If you read my blog, then you will know that i stressed the fact that all entrepreneurs need systems in order to have more freedom to do the things that you love, to alleviate stress and reduce the chances of you feeling burnt out. On top of that, you need systems to grow your business and to increase your revenue.

In this blog, I wanted to address how systems can work for you.

systems and processes

You’ve got systems

So if I mentioned the word ‘systems’ would you know what they are?

DEFINITION: a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done

I was having a conversation the other day with a stressed-out entrepreneur.  When I asked her why she was feeling so stressed out, she explained that she felt like she was constantly working through her never-ending to-do list, which left her with very little time to to focus on the things that she loved to do.


Entrepreneurial burnout is real

Entrepreneurial life can be rewarding and exciting which can lead to monetary success. It goes without saying that it can also be overwhelming, intense and emotional. There’s a big chance that these feelings can lead to burnout.