Computer maintenance
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When your computer is running slowly, do you ever wonder what is causing this to happen?

The second Monday of February marks “clean out your computer day”. It is a day where we schedule time out of our day to take some well-needed care of our computers.

Now it’s inevitable that over time our computers will get clogged with unused files and programs that slow down our computers. This is why it’s so important to clean our computers . And I don’t mean a light dusting of the keyboard. What you need to do is analyse the state of your hard drive, update any software as well as delete any unwanted programs.

So today, let’s give our computers some TLC.

1. Declutter downloads

No doubt your downloads folder is filled with things that you no longer need.  From pictures to wallpapers, unwanted programs to installation EXEs, all of these things that you barely even use or don’t even use at all can simply be deleted. Once in the recycling bin, there are programs that can be used to empty your bin.

2. Zap that app

Apps that are running in your computer memory can just take up unnecessary space and slow everything down. Go through all your applications and delete any that you have never used or that may have been pre-installed on the computer. Just be cautious, however, as you don’t want to delete anything that you are not sure about. In this instance do a bit of research on these apps before deleting.

3. Software update

Is your security software up to date. If not, then make sure you schedule some time to update it. The last thing you need is to discover a security threat that could completely obliterate all your hard work.

4. Back up

How often do you actually back up your data?

You should have a system in place where your data gets backed up to a) an external hard drive b) cloud backup service. Your data should be backed up at least once every 24 hours. However, take the time to review the data that is being backed up. You may find that some of it can be deleted or even archived.

5. Defrag

Everytime that you save, delete and change data on your computer the more the data gets fragmented. This basically means that the data gets stored in different places around the disk. The result of this is that your computer has to work a lot harder which cause issues. So it’s necessary to defrag your computer at least once a year so that the fragmented data can be reassembled back into a whole

6. Get physical

Did you know that dust on your computer can be damaging to the health of your computer? Go and grab yourself a cloth and some isopropyl alcohol to wipe everything down. But make sure that your computer is off and unplugged first.

You should also purchase a can of compressed air and go ahead and spray it everywhere –  through fans and vents and on your keyboard, mouse, and monitor, too.

7. Clean that inbox

Do you ever get overwhelmed by the number of emails that are sitting there in your inbox? I have witnessed people’s inboxes that are literally flooded with thousands of emails. The reality is, a lot of these emails are simply offers or subscriptions to newsletters that looked appealing at the time of subscription. I mean, do you really need that offer for 10% off enhancement surgery?

So don’t just empty your spam folder, go ahead and set up some filters that will help you to identify the important emails and push those unimportant emails to the edges until you have the time to deal with them.

Now you can enjoy another year of a smooth running computer, as fast as the day you purchased it.

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