Buisness overwhelm
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I was too busy planning to live that I failed to actually live. That was my story.
As a mother with a growing career I was wearing many hats. I always felt like my to-do list was a mile long and I was burning the candles at both ends.
I was drowning in a sea of responsibilities and I needed help. I would think to myself that surely I wasn’t the only one that was experiencing this and that there must be a better life for me out there. And there was.

I regularly hear other people’s stories. Stories that include the problems that they are experiencing within their buinesses, the long to-do lists that they have, always longing for that 25th hour to get more things done, trying to beat the clock, trying to be enough, trying to be a good parent/partner/wife,/husband/colleague/boss, trying to live a healthy life.

Many of these stories are stories of overwhelm. Just to define what I mean by this, it can be overwhelmed by their feelings; overwhelmed by time pressures; overwhelmed by how to do things ‘right’. Does any of this sound familiar?

Now if you are reading this then I have no doubt that you are very able, intelligent and successful. I can imagine that you have downloaded apps that help you to stay on task and be more productive, attended training days that teach you how to stay ahead of the game, read the top books on time management. but yet you still feel overwhelmed.

But, let me just point out the obvious, which is that you are human and feelings of overwhelm are also normal. What we need to work on is how to lessen that feeling and make the situation better. This is where the process of decluttering comes into play.

Now what I’m about to suggest may not be so easy for you especially when you’ve been accustomed to living your life a certain way. But if you are ready to start breaking those cycles where you find yourself constantly telling the same story then the following advice is for you. Let us start off with some simple steps.

  • Begin by making a list of your commitments. Identify those non-essential tasks that you tend to carry out daily.
  • Simplify your life by focussing on your high-level goals and remind yourself of why they matter to you. Immerse yourself in more of the things that you love.
  • Look at which tasks/chores you can begin to delegate to others.
  • Work on saying no to new commitments. Don’t agree to do things just because they’re so far in the future that it’s easy to say Yes. Challenge yourself to be a bit ruthless.

I could continue to offer more advice but I’m not here to overwhelm you. But the above actions allow you to clear out space. That is what decluttering is all about. When you begin the process you will notice that you will have a clearer sense of what your purpose is. That extra space will enable you to focus on the more important things in life.

If you want the opportunity to discuss how I can help you to change your story and help declutter your life, then book a coffee and chat with me

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