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Entrepreneurial life can be rewarding and exciting which can lead to monetary success. It goes without saying that it can also be overwhelming, intense and emotional. There’s a big chance that these feelings can lead to burnout.

But to try and avoid you getting to that stage, it’s important that you begin implementing some self-care.

I know that you are often wearing so many hats and juggling so many plates. You want to make your business a successful one. But, in trying to achieve this we work ourselves ragged.

As a result, we then feel exhausted, we start to feel anxious, we can suffer from insomnia, headaches, lack of focus and all of this means that we become less productive within our business. Some people can even lose the passion for their business. These are all warning signs of entrepreneurial burnout.

But I have some useful suggestions to help keep your stress levels down:

  1. Set realistic goals – I appreciate that you are ambitious but try to avoid setting yourself so many goals that you find that you have failed before you have even started. Your goals should be achievable. You can’t acheive everything in one go so try and be very specific about your goals. Ensure that they are measurable and time-based. Yes , it’s all about being SMART

  2. Delegate tasks – Now I understand that your business is your baby, but even the most successful entrepreneurs recognise that they cannot build their empire all on their own. No man or woman is an island and you’ll see the difference delegating tasks to others will make to not only your business but also to your wellbeing. You’ll find that you’ll be able to focus more on the areas of your business that fill you with joy. Hiring a virtual assistant to take over your mundane tasks is always a great way to take a lot of that weight off of your shoulders.

  3. Carve out more “me time” and “family time” – Wouldn’t you love to have more time doing the things that you love? And I dont mean work. I mean treating yourself to a spa day, having a long weekend away with a loved one, sitting by yourself with a good book or simply enjoying a day out or in with the family, doing fun activities. Studies have shown that having more me time has benefits such as increasing productivity, gratitude, happiness and empathy. Basically, we all need time to recharge our batteries

Follow these simple suggestions and beat that feeling of overwhelm. And why not go ahead and give yourself the gift of time by checking out my list of services.


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