Outsource your tasks
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I’m sure that you already know that outsourcing can free up so much of your time for business growth; It allows to you to hand over your heavy workload (your processes) to skilled freelancers allowing you to focus on high-level priorities.

On top of that, when you consider the expense of having a full-time employee, you’ll come to realise just how cost-effective it is to outsource your tasks to a freelancer. You don’t have to worry about paying for taxes, benefits, office and equipment costs as well as holiday and sick time. In many cases, it’s smarter to outsource to a freelancer rather than hire new staff.

‘But I don’t know what processes to outsource’ I hear you say

Well, if you’re feeling a bit stuck on what you should outsource, just follow these general benchmarks:

  • If the tasks are not really your forte, it can be delegated – you have to be honest with yourself as there people out there that can do a task not only just as well but better than you.

  • If the task is too expensive to handle on your own, it can be delegated

  • If you find the task/s too stressful or simply hate doing, it can be delegated

  • If it’s a repetitive task, it can be delegated

Therefore the tasks that shouldn’t be delegated are the tasks that involve you working within your zone of genius; work that brings you revenue quickly.

So what you want to do is separate your tasks into direct money generating tasks and non-direct money generating tasks with the later being the tasks that you are most likely to delegate.

Examples of direct money generating tasks that you would be directly responsible for carrying out are:

  • Emailing your list

  • Asking past and current clients for referrals

  • Answering new lead inquiries

  • Sending proposals

  • Making and closing a sale

Examples of non-direct money generating tasks are:

  • Administrative tasks

  • Social media related tasks

  • Creating blogs

  • Customer support

These tasks will no doubt help to bring some money to your business, however, it is a longer journey to see the money arrive in your account.

Truthfully, you can’t avoid outsourcing processes within your business. It’s unrealistic to manage everything on your own.

So think about which tasks take up too much time or cause too much stress in your life? Which functions will require skills or experience you don’t have? Which functions are too costly to do on your own?

The answers to your questions are your starting points for outsourcing.

You’re therefore guaranteed to find some benefits to attending my Savvy Systems Workshop. I hope to see you there


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