My Services

Savvy Systems

Helping you to streamline and simplify your core systems and processes

Launch Support

Providing you with support with the launch of your course, summit or workshop

VIP Implementation Days - COMING SOON

1/2 day or full day support where we strategise and implement processes within your business

1hr Strategy Call

Ideal for you if you need some clarity on knowing how to streamline your business, so that you can grow and scale it and achieve your business goals exponentially.

Online Course Launch Workshop

An online group workshop where I support you with creating a robust launch process

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Business Concierge?​
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Sometimes referred to as an Online Business Manager, a Business Concierge is able to offer a service that is designed to support business owners in being more productive with their time and take over those time-consuming tasks that cause business owners to work more “in” their business as opposed to “on” their business. A Business Concierge can help you to complete online tasks without the need to be in your place of work. ​
What hours do you work?​
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My office hours are 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. I do make some exceptions outside of these hours and charge a 25% surcharge. I understand that at times you may require a task or project completed quickly and therefore may not be able to give me 24 hours notice. In these circumstances, I also charge a 25% surcharge.
Do you offer a consultation prior to purchasing a package?​
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Absolutely. It is important that we have a phone or video call so that I can better understand your needs as a business owner and you can better understand how I can assist you. You can either fill out a form right here and I will respond within 24 hours or book a coffee and chat with me at a time that best suits you.
How do you communicate with me?​
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My preferred choice of communication with my clients are via Zoom for video calls and Asana (project management tool) which is a safe and secure space online where we can have discussions as well as share important information in a centralised space. All tasks / projects can be created in Asana which all parties can have access to. If you are unfamiliar with using Asana, as my client I will send you a short video to demonstrate how to get yourself set up and go through the basic functions. With this tool, there is also no need to be sending constant emails back and forth where important information can get lost or forgotten about.
How do I know when my hours for my chosen package have been used up?​
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Payments are taken prior to the service/s being carried out. I will email you an invoice for the required fee which must be paid by the due date stated on the invoice. Should a late payment be made, then a 25% surcharge will be added to the initial fee. Payments are made using Stripe which accepts all major credit and debit cards.
How do you protect my confidential information?​
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It is important to me that you feel confident that any confidential information that you share with me remains safe. Therefore I use tools such LastPass which I get my clients to register with, that enables you to share your accounts e.g email accounts etc without sharing your passwords as all passwords are encrypted. I ensure that my accounts are also password encrypted where ever I hold information about my clients. Within the client contract there is also a confidentiality agreement which protects all parties. My company is also registered under the Data Protection Act | ICO.