Are you ready to start launching an online course or e-course, or maybe you want to launch a membership or a summit?

Whatever service you wish to launch, I can help you.

Full Launch

Launching on your own is no easy feat and therefore, I will help you to build out the process for your launch to ensure that it is streamlined, seamless and stressfree.

I’ll work with you starting from your initial idea right up to your post-launch creating your all-important launch strategy roadmap.  Here are some of the key areas within the process that I can support you with:

  • Choosing your topic – maybe you have a vague idea of what you wish to launch.  I can help you to develop it and then turn your idea into a money-making course or workshop etc
  • Building your audience – I will help you identify the tactics that will help you to  build your audience so that you can have a tribe that will be gravitated to your offer
  • Launch Checklist and Tracker – I will set this up on Asana to help keep us on track
  • Creating your curriculum – I can help you to create the outline for your course and identify the milestones that you want your audience to meet
  • Content creation – From editing videos to creating PDFs, to designing beautiful images, there really is a lot that goes on when creating your content. I can, therefore, help you with the whole design process.
  • Technology – Don’t let technology hold you back. I can help you select and implement the right technology to ensure that your launch runs more efficiently
  • Building a sales page – This is going to be one of your most powerful marketing tools during your launch. I will help you create your sales copy to attract the right audience
  • Email marketing campaign – I can help you to create a strategy to drip your campaign as well as support you in creating your email sequences
  • Launch time – Now this is the most exciting time of the whole process and I’ll help you to work out the best strategy for you
  • Post-launch – Now that most of the hard work is done, I can help you with evaluating your progress as well as celebrating  your wins with you

Once all your tasks have been outlined, I will then be able to help you with completing them as well assisting you with  automating some of your tasks, saving you time to focus more on those money generating tasks.

Total Investment: £3,000 (3 instalments)

Launch Tech
Support Only

So if the thought of using technology makes you feel dizzy or you simply do not have the time to set up the necessary infrastructure for the launch of your course, then let me take control of it all for you. I can help you with setting up and testing your:

  • Inventory of tech assets
  • Email Autoresponder
  • Landing page
  • Shopping cart
  • Video recording tools e.g Zoom
  • Teaching platform – I will upload all of your course content
  • Integration tools
  • Platforms to promote course e.g Facebook group

Total Investment: £1,800 (3 instalments)

Launch Design
Support Only

I can help you create those all-important design assets saving you time so that you can focus on doing what you do best. Why not have  the following assets designed for you:

  • Course platform
  • Opt-ins/lead magnets
  • PDFs
  • Course / presentation slides
  • Social media promo graphics
  • Sales page

Total Investment: £1,500 (3 instalments)