Virtual Assistant

Small business owner

Your business is your baby

You’ll be surprised at how many entrepreneurs have no idea about how to work with a business concierge (my posh title for a virtual assistant).

But you know what? I get it. Many of the entrepreneurs that I come across have said that they have struggled with the idea of someone doing their work for them. Their business is understandably their baby and allowing someone to be involved in the process of nurturing and growing that business can be nerve-wracking.

Diane Boothe Business Concierge

Getting to know me

I’ve always known that I wanted to start up my own business, but in the past, I never quite knew what I was passionate about doing, that was until I came across the idea of a Business Concierge Services aka General Virtual Assistant. I wanted to set up a business that ultimately was going to support busy entrepreneurs, who were experiencing a daily battle to balance their home and their work life due to their ever-increasing workload, by giving them the gift of time.