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Let’s assume that you have this great idea for a course that you can’t wait to put out there for the world to see. 

You have identified your customer avatar, you have validated your offer so that you know that what you have to offer is going to address your customers pain points and provide them with a solution. You’ve worked out your pricing and you’ve even created a rough outline of your course modules. 

Now it’s time to actually launch your course. 

But launching your course can be a  complete time waster without a strategy. A strategy that brings you customers that rave about your course and anticipate the arrival of your next big launch. 

I always suggest to my clients when they have made the decision to launch their courses is that they set a date. This is the date that your course will be shared with the world; when your cart has been opened. We will call this the launch phase. It is during this launch phase that you may run a webinar or run a video series or even a challenge. But your call to action (CTA) is ultimately going to be “buy my amazing course”.

Not only do you need to know when your cart opens, but you also need to decide when your cart is closing. This could be between 7 -14 days, but what it does is create urgency as your potential customers know that they won’t have access to your content after that period. Or possibly until your next launch.

Once you have these 2 dates in place the focus should be on creating awareness. Let’s call this the pre-launch phase. In this phase, you are trying to attract your ideal customer. You let them know that you understand their pain points and that you have a solution for them. Ultimately what you want to do is build that know, like and trust factor. 


Well it’s all about giving value. You can create social media posts where you can impart your knowledge by offering tips and tricks, share client testimonials or how about sharing your back story. Equally, you can do the same with LIVE video. It’s time to get creative. 

But of course, you need a strategy for social media marketing. In fact, you need a strategy for any kind of marketing, but your goal is that once they know you and then like you. they’ll trust you enough to subscribe to your email list because you would have created a lead magnet for them to sign up to that yet again addresses their pain points. 

Now you’ve got them on your list, it’s all about nurturing them. Yes, it time to give them even more value whilst you lead them up to the launch phase where they can sign up to the webinar, video series or challenge you have prepared. And then you sell, sell, sell. It’s time to turn those email subscribers into buying customers. 

So I’ve given you a brief overview of how your strategy may look so far. I haven’t even touched on when you should actually create you content. But I’ll cover that in another blog. Admittedly, whilst everyone’s launch will be different, there are fundamental elements we all should follow to ensure that we have a  more robust launch process. 

Now, we have spoken about the pre-launch phase and the launch phase but what about the post-launch phase. Well of course you need a strategy here too because how you onboard your customers and the delivery of your course could make or break you. Whilst with every new venture there is a learning curve, I wholeheartedly believe in great customer service. You can have the most basic course but because you have thought carefully about your customer journey during this post-launch phase,  you could end up with repeat buyers. Ultimately that is what I want for you. 

So give careful consideration to your launch strategy. In fact, if you need some support with this then check out my FREE content hub where, on a monthly basis, I add content in there that can support you with your course launches. You can find out more here.

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