Diane Boothe Business Concierge
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Now I can be completely honest with you and tell you that a business concierge is not for everyone.  But, before I address this, let me tell you a little bit more about the nature of a business concierge.
A business concierge aka a virtual assistant, is now becoming a growing trend over here in the UK. They are able to help you to grow your business, simply by taking over those tasks that force you to work so much within your business, therefore leaving you with more time to work on your business.

Small business owners who hire business concierges do so for a number of reasons, such as, they are reaching full capacity when it comes to their workload, their workload is leaving them feeling stressed and/or overwhelmed or they require flexible support within their business without, necessarily, the long term commitment nor the huge cost of hiring staff .

A business concierge has become a service that is now accessible to everyone from all walks of life. People who lead busy lives, which is the majority of us, have come to realise that they too are deserving of the privileges that a business concierge can bring. The privilege simply being, having someone that they can rely on to take over their overwhelming to do list, enabling them to achieve a better work-life balance and ultimately help them to reclaim their time and use it more effectively, like being able to do more of the things they love.

As problem-solvers, they can offer services that essentially help life to operate more smoothly. With our busy lifestyles, people that hire a business concierge require assistance for a range of things. Some examples are; general admin assistance, event management, making travel arrangements, setting up and managing social media accounts… The list really is endless.

So why doesn’t a business concierge suit everyone? Well let me list a few reasons here:

Not everyone is ready to admit to the fact that they need help. They would worry how they would be judged by others if they were to admit to the fact that they had assistance with their business management.
Not everyone is great at delegating. Despite this being a growing trend, as people’s lives just get busier and busier, not everyone has the ability to hand the reins over to someone else. Believing that they should be able to do it all,  the notion of “superhuman syndrome” comes into play here. This is also despite the fact that trying to juggle everything can lead to burnout.

Not everyone is able to handle change. They may be feeling the strain of having an ever increasing workload and are struggling to scale their businesses, but the idea of handing over their tasks to someone else, who may do things slightly differently to themselves, could leave them feeling even more overwhelmed

So understandably, whilst a business concierge is not the best fit for everyone, it still remains an industry that is growing more and more popular with more and more people taking advantage of the opportunity to reclaim their time.


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