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I have been a raving fan of MemberVault (an amazing learning platform and more) for the past 4 months. 

It was only when I was working with my client on the launch of her summit, where we used MemberVault to support it,  that I really discovered my love for this platform. Until then I was more familiar with using platforms such as Teachable to host my client’s courses. Yes, Teachable is a great learning platform but my loyalty, right now, lies with Membervault (MV) and I’ll explain why.

Now MV goes beyond just being a learning platform where you can host your courses and your memberships. The founders, Erin and Mike Kelly have created what they call a ‘binge and buy marketplace’. This basically means that you can house pretty much any product / service that you want, all in one space and when someone signs up for one of your products, they get to see all that you have to offer at the same time. The beauty of this being that when people see all that you have to offer, this increases the chances of them purchasing more of your products. All you have to do is watch the sales come rolling in.

I’ll share an example of my account so that you can see exactly what this ‘binge and buy’ concept looks like.

Let’s look at some other reasons why I love MemberVault.


The founders  actually encourage us to have a free subscriber hub on our MV site. This is where you can place all of your freebies; from cheatsheets to ebooks, from checklists to videos. The reason why I love this idea is that when you are trying to build your list and are using  lead magnets to attract leads, you would simply get your leads to sign up to your Subscriber Hub, therefore capturing their emails. They are then welcomed with more content than they actually signed up for which is a bonus for them. But a bonus for you is that they are now also privy to all your other products (free and paid).


As my clients often have content that can be used to create their own courses,  I would always recommend them to use MV over any other platform. Mainly because you are not just limited to hosting your course unlike with other platforms. You could also add your subscriber hub as I mentioned, alongside using MV to host a membership. You can also use it to host a challenge. I’ll be discussing these latter options shortly.

Adding content, more specifically your course modules and lessons to MV is pretty straightforward. 

Also, you have several options for how you would like your content to be delivered to your learners e.g dripped by date, by time,  for content to be shared progressively. You can even create teaser content that enables your potential customers to view before they buy so that they are fully aware of what to expect from you and your course.  You could even throw in a bonus module that only gets unlocked when your learner has completed a specific number of lessons. 

You just need to create your roadmap for your course i.e know what journey you want to take your learners on and MV can make it happen for you.


Just like with a course, you can add all the content that you need within MV to run a successful membership. All it takes, yet again, is thinking about the journey that you want your members to take to ensure that you are able to retain them. 

Start thinking outside of the box too to keep the interest going.



I have heard about many successful challenges taking place within MV. From 5-day challenges to 30-day challenges. In fact, as I type this, one of the members of my course launch workshop is building out her challenge for her audience in MV. I love recommended great products.


Now with all of the above possibilities for how to use MV let’s not forget another great feature which is ‘gamification’. This is the concept of adding in elements  of game playing such as competitions or point scoring to increase user engagement

MV allows you to have a leadership board so that you can see how engaged your subscribers are. Subscribers earn what is called engagement points (EP). These are earned every time they engage with your content e.g completing lessons. 

You can actually use these engagement points to incentivise your subscribers. For example, if they gain a certain amount of points having completed ‘x’ amount of lessons, you could then offer them a gift. This could be a free download or it could be a 20-minute call with you. You could unlock a bonus module with a gift inside of it, yet again, if they get  ‘x’ amount of EP.

It’s a great opportunity to get creative. 

There’s so much more I could share about this platform but you can learn more RIGHT HERE or even go ahead and set up a FREE account. 

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