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You’ll be surprised at how many entrepreneurs have no idea about how to work with a business concierge (my posh title for a Virtual Business Manager (VBM).

Some entrepreneurs that I have come across have said that they have struggled with the idea of someone doing their work for them. Their business is understandably their baby and allowing someone to be involved in the process of nurturing and growing that business can be nerve-wracking.

Here are some other reasons that I have heard for why entrepreneurs may not hire a VBM to support them with their business:

1) “I feel like I wouldn’t be in control of my business”

You believe that no one can do your work better than you.  You may even have systems and processes in place that you have been using for years. Therefore, you don’t believe that a VBM can follow these processes as efficiently and effectively as you.

The reality is, that the relationship between a VBM and their client (as in you) takes time to build, just like in any other working environment. However, with a little patience, the VBM will soon get to grips with the way in which you like to do things. But, at the same time, they may even be able help you to modernise or improve some of those systems you already have in place, therefore, enabling your business to run even more efficiently.

2)  “I don’t have the time to micromanage someone”

You may feel like you would have to constantly keep an eye on your VBM , ensuring that they are carrying out the tasks that you set them correctly.

The reality is, that you hire a VBM to save you time. If you are constantly having to micromanage them then that is going against the purpose of having one.

Trust comes into play here too. A VBM is also an entrepreneur just like you and therefore they also have a reputation to maintain. It’s without question that they want to do the best job possible for you. How they spend their time is just as important as how you spend yours.

3) “It’s going to take me too long to explain what I need to get done”

So you feel as if you don’t have enough time to be able to liaise with a VBM about those arduous tasks on your to-do list that you so need to get done.  

The reality is that in order to get the job done, you initially have to invest some time into sharing with your VBM the procedures and the processes that you follow, as well as the tools that you use.  This really is the only way in which they will get to understand your business better. Then, before you know it, they will be able to take over your tasks and pre-empt future tasks, ultimately saving you a lot of time in the long run.

4) “I can’t afford a virtual business manager”

Well let’s consider how much you could save when you do hire a VBM:

  1. No holiday pay

  2. No sick pay / sick leave

  3. No pension

  4. No legal costs

  5. No management costs

  6. No office space / equipment required

  7. No training / CPD

  8. No national insurance

  9. No health care costs

  10. No insurances

As a business owner, it’s the VBM ’s responsibility to ensure that they cover the above costs. You only pay for the exact amount of time that they work.

5) “I wouldn’t even know what tasks to outsource”

You may have a plethora of tasks that you need to complete on your to-do list and you’re probably used to trying to get through them all single-handedly.  But let’s be honest, some of those tasks may leave you feeling overwhelmed or may have you losing sleep at night.

As an entrepreneur, you are already wearing so many hats, but do you really believe that you have to do it all yourself?  I think it’s time to overcome that “superhuman syndrome” and start thinking about what tasks are really not a good use of your time. The reality is, that a lot of those tasks on your list may simply not be your forte.  Consider outsourcing those tasks

Now, a VBM can support you by taking over those mundane and time-consuming tasks which will help you to release those time blockages and work smarter.

Remember that your time costs money and who doesn’t like to save money? So go ahead and write down a list with all those tasks that will save you both time and money, not forgetting stress, and overwhelm.

Now if you are nervous or worried about hiring a Virtual Business Manager but love the idea of having the space and time you need to grow your baby,  then why not book a FREE coffee and chat with. 

You’ll soon discover how it feels to have the support you deserve, so that you can finally exhale a breath of relief that someone has your back.

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