systems and processes
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So if I mentioned the word ‘systems’ would you know what they are?

DEFINITION: a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done

I was having a conversation the other day with a stressed-out entrepreneur.  When I asked her why she was feeling so stressed out, she explained that she felt like she was constantly working through her never-ending to-do list, which left her with very little time to to focus on the things that she loved to do. Whilst she was getting through some of her daily tasks, it was done in a haphazard manner that often left her feeling burnt out. She mentioned the fact that she really wanted her business to grow, but struggled with knowing how to take her business to the next level. On top of that she really wanted to be able to take time out from her business to have some much needed ‘me-time’ but struggled with knowing how this was ever going to be possible.

So what was my advice to her?

Me: You need better systems

Her: Systems? What do you mean?

Now I shouldn’t have assumed that she knew what I meant by ‘systems’, so I knew that I had to explain it to her in a way that was relatable. So this is how our conversation went:

Me: Firstly, I want you to know that you already have systems in place, both in your personal and business life, but let’s firstly take your morning routine as an example and what you do to prepare yourself for your working day. What do you do in the morning after you wake up?

Her: Well, after I visit the bathroom I do my daily affirmations. I then usually do 30-minutes of exercise before I and then head to the shower and start workig on my biz. This really sets me up for the day

Me: So how about when it comes to sorting out your personal finances e.g bills etc, how do you ensure that they get paid?

Her: Well, I usually keep a record of when all my bills are due on my calendar. I will set up direct debits for most of my payments and use an accounting tool that helps me to monitor my expenses.

Me: So there you have it. Now if you didn’t do your daily affirmations and exercise then you may have the right mindset to begin your working day nor feel energised which increases your productivity. And, if you didn’t monitor your expenses, you might experience financial struggles. So what you have implemented are systems to ensure that your life operates more easily,. One based on welbeing and the other based on finances. You have just described to me some of the basic steps, which are the processes that you go through on a daily basis in order to achieve your goals, that is greater productivity and financially stress-free.

And, the same applies to you. We all have systems in our personal life.

Now if you think about your business, do you use systems?

The answer is probably ‘YES’. But how efficiently are you using them?

The reason why this particular entrepreneur that I spoke to was feeling so stressed and overwhelmed within her business was that she didn’t have all her systems in place and those that she did have, well, she wasn’t very clear about her processes. Without systems, nothing really gets done and your business will not grow. Systems help your business to operate more smoothly. When you know what you need to get done and how to do them, your tasks will get done. Just like your morning routine, it becomes a habit and almost effortless. By building your systems and processes the easier life, in general, becomes.

When it comes to building your systems, think about the different areas within your business e.g content creation, marketing, accounting, client management and begin writing out the steps that are needed to carry out these tasks.

I know. You’re thinking there’s not enough time to write out all these steps/ processes when you have so much to do within your business.

Slowly, slowly wins the race is my response to that. Take one area of your business at a time and start writing out or even recording the systems needed to ensure that that element of your business runs more like a well-oiled machine.  Then gradually move onto the next system.

I want you to imagine yourself laying on a beach sipping champagne if that tickles your fancy, confident in the fact that the systems you have written out are being followed trustfully by your team members.

Yes, I said it, YOUR TEAM.

When your systems are in place, you will find it so much easier to delegate your tasks to others which will gift you with the time you deserve to be able to sun yourself on the beach without a care in the world.

When you have systems in place you have greater productivity, your business will grow and your revenue increases. And by productivity, I don’t mean that you get things done quicker, only to go and add more tasks to your to-do list. You can, in fact, do less simply by outsourcing your to-do list. Imagine the positive effect that would have on your well-being.

So go ahead and start building your systems.

I forgot to mention that I’ll now be helping that stressed out and overwhelmed entrepreneur to build out her systems and implement them effectively. Sometimes, you just need someone to hold your hand through the process, just to make life a little bit easier.

Let me know in the comments below what systems you are struggling with building and/or implementing?


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